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Release, Relax, Unwind



Massage Therapy

At The Medical Massage Clinic of Durham, LLC, we strive to help each client find their balance. We specialize in relieving pain from injuries, chronic pain patterns and lymphatic drainage.  We work with your health care team for your best outcome.

Many of our clients work at computers.  This sets up chronic pain patterns due to poor posture at the desk.  We help our clients unwind from this position so that they can move more freely.  Once our clients can move better, they are able to participate in a more active lifestyle, which allows them a healthier outcome overall.



Medical Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Medical Massage is a combination of modalities and education that allows the therapist to release injury or chronic pain in the client.  This high level training is what sets us apart from other massage clinics.  If you are in pain, let us show you how Medical Massage can help you get back on the road to recovery.

Our therapists have advanced training in the following modalities to help you create the best service for your needs each time.  We offer prenatal, migraine relief, cupping, trigger point, reflexology, TMJ disorder, and lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic Drainage is a technique during which extracellular fluid is returned to the circulatory system.  This technique is used for clients with venous insufficiency, autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, or for those post cancer treatment.  It is extremely helpful for people that have had lymph nodes removed during their cancer treatment.  Please schedule your Lymphatic Drainage appointment with either Beth Jenkins or Lea Thomasson, as they are the two practitioners that are trained at this time.

TMJ Disorder

Have you been diagnosed with TMJ Syndrome or Disorder?  We can help.  Beth Jenkins is trained in techniques that offer relief from TMJ Disorder.  These techniques include gentle palpation of the muscles inside your mouth in addition to evaluating and treating any postural imbalances in your neck and shoulders.  She will devise a treatment plan that will help support your management of this syndrome to maximize your wellbeing.

Migraine Support

Migraines are varied and need the support of a medical team.  In addition to you working with your doctor, massage can help treat the tight musculature that comes along with the chronic pain of migraines.  Specifically working with the scalp, face, neck and shoulder girdle, our therapists can release trigger points and taught tissue to help you move in your body better.  We can build a session that helps relieve your pain in addition to helping you find relief from stress.


Contact Us:

Phone: (919) 824-6838

1515 W NC Highway 54

Suite 210

Durham, NC  27707

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