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About Us

Tonya Wooten, LMBT, NC #12069

Tonya has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist since 2012.  She has training in Migraine and Headache massage.  This incorporates work on the head/face, neck/shoulders and Reflexology in the feet.  She also helps her clients gain relief from pain by using Trigger Point therapy, Neuromuscular Release Therapy and Sports Massage.  Tonya worked with a chiropractic clinic where she supported patients with migraines. She is able to combine the specific needs of irritated tissue release with deep relaxation techniques. Tonya is also a personal trainer and has the ability to help athletes of all levels.  Tonya is also a 23 year veteran of our US Army.  This combination of experience gives Tonya the unique ability to help veterans and others dealing from PTSD and the challenges that accompany that condition.  Many clients that deal with PTSD also manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Massage therapy has been shown to help lessen the severity of these conditions, allowing the client to better manage their care.  It is our honor to have her on our team.

Beth Jenkins, LMBT, CLT, NC #17128

Beth has been a practicing massage therapist since 2005.  During this time she has worked with thousands of clients to help relieve chronic pain patterns.  She has taught massage therapy, specifically kinesiology and introduction to massage therapy, to students in the diploma program at Fortis College in Richmond, VA. Beth is also a Reiki master, and has extensive training in working safely and effectively with oncology patients, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage, and TMJ disorder. Her extensive experience in the spa world allows her to give an amazing relaxing massage.    


While in massage school, her mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Beth decided to learn everything she could to help her mother and also to help others who are dealing with the many facets of a cancer diagnosis.  Beth traveled all over the country and has over 150 hours of training in oncology massage.  She is also a Certified Lymphatic Therapist.  She is a perfect combination of educated specificity to help treat areas of pain, and relaxation to help your nervous system incorporate the work.   

Lea Thomasson, BS, LMBT, NC #10124


Lea has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist since 2010.  She has advanced training in Prenatal Massage, Neuromuscular Release, Trigger Point therapy, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, and Sports Massage.  

She works with clients through the lens of symmetry/asymmetry/balance and is passionate about a science and evidence based approach.  Lea’s combination of experience with the spa world and the specificity for more detailed massage therapy work allows her to give you an unforgettable massage.  Lea loves the 'detective work' of advanced massage therapy.  She loves having the opportunity to get to the root of your problems so you can feel better in your body.  Her skills allow her to help ease your pain in a way that leaves you deeply relaxed.  Lea is also our only therapist that is offering hours on the weekend, so if you are one of the many folks that need bodywork outside of normal office hours, Lea is the therapist for you!  Lea also has a BS in Nutrition Science and is fascinated with how our bodies work.  

Sharon has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist since 

Rebecca Manitsas, PhD, LMBT, Owner, NC #5106


Rebecca has been a practicing massage therapist since 2004.  During this time, she also had the honor to teach Anatomy to new massage therapists in the diploma program at the Body Therapy Institute for 4 years. Rebecca has training in Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping, Trigger Point Release, TMJ Disorder, Prenatal Massage and Reiki. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Rebecca worked as a PhD chemist for 10 years.  During her tenure as a chemist, she found that her body couldn't handle the type of stress that profession required.  After healing from one of her many events, she was fortunate enough to experience bodywork from a practitioner that combined deep tissue, acupressure and Reiki.  Through his mentorship, she found that she too was drawn to become a bodyworker.  In 2017, Rebecca expanded her sole practice into The Medical Massage Clinic of Durham, LLC.  Her vision is to create a space for clients to find highly educated and effective therapists to care for our community.  Each therapist that comes on board brings a broader reach by offering advanced massage techniques wrapped up in their own artistic and intuitive approach to the client's body.  This allows The Medical Massage Clinic of Durham, LLC, a depth of service not found at other clinics.  At this time, Rebecca is not taking new clients on to her schedule.  Her schedule is full with return clients and managing the business as a whole.  If you have any questions regarding The Medical Massage Clinic of Durham, LLC, please reach out to her at the email or phone number listed on the website.

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